Our Instructional Staff

Meet Zack Isaac

Mr. Isaac is a Florida native and earned his Bachelors in 2012 from University of South Florida. Upon graduation, Mr. Isaac served as a Nursing Home Administrator in South Florida. Later, he decided to return to school to become a barber and attended International Barber School (formerly Real Cutz Barber School) in Birmingham, AL where he obtained the qualifications required for his barbers license. In late 2017, Mr. Isaac attended Interstate Barber Stylist School in Waco, TX and completed the Barber Instructors course and subsequently earned his license as an instructor in 2018.

Mr. Isaac worked at both barber schools he attended in the capacity of instructor. In 2020 he decided to open Madison Barber Stylist School LLC as the instructor, along with owner Yolande Francois (his mother). Their goal was to create a barber program that is student-centered and affordable.